Aurora Shoe Co. The Inspiring Tale of a Small Shoe Company’s Success

Meet David Binns: A Journey to Shoe Success

David Binns, a 41 year old shoe enthusiast, began as a loyal customer of Aurora Shoe Co. In 2009, he took a leap and became the proud owner, taking over from the original owner, Mary Jane MJ Dann.

The business, which initially began in a small Ithaca shop in 1991, flourished and relocated to a brand new factory on the outskirts of Aurora. MJ Dann, the previous owner, stayed on as an artisan shoemaker, contributing her skills to the company she started.

Crafted with Passion The Aurora Shoe Story

 Aurora Shoe Story

Guided by Binns, the company has experienced remarkable growth both within the United States and internationally. Aurora Shoe Co. takes pride in crafting handcrafted footwear using locally sourced materials from across the nation. This dedication to quality and craftsmanship has been pivotal in their success.

Crafting Comfort, One Pair at a Time

Aurora Shoe Co

At present, Aurora Shoe Co. thrives with a team of seven skilled artisan shoemakers, led by Binns himself. Together, they meticulously craft around 10,000 pairs of comfortable, form fitting leather footwear annually. In the previous year, their hard work and dedication amounted to over $1 million in sales.

Walking Forward A Bright Future for Aurora Shoe Co.

Walking Forward A Bright Future for Aurora Shoe Co.

As they continue to grow, Aurora Shoe Co. remains committed to its vision of creating high quality, locally sourced footwear. With Binns at the helm and the passion of their dedicated team, the future looks promising for this remarkable shoe company.

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