Behold The Top 10 Must Have Shoes From Paris Fashion Week Spring 2024

From the chic streets of Paris, dive into the standout shoes that stole the spotlight at PFW Spring ’24. Explore the unexpected, the crafted, and the must have trends that redefine footwear allure.

Slingback Royalty: Christian Louboutin’s Raffia Elegance

Slingback Royalty: Christian Louboutin's Raffia Elegance
Christian Louboutin’s raffia heels for spring ’24.

Step into natural beauty with Louboutin’s raffia sandals, a poetic departure from crystal bling. Two strap wonders with pom pom fringes redefine sophistication in black and white hues.

Strappy Rebellion: Nomasei’s Chic Platforms

Strappy Rebellion: Nomasei's Chic Platforms
Nomasei’s strappy patent platforms for spring ’24.

French luxury meets comfort with Nomasei’s patent leather platform sandals. Slim buckled straps add chic subversion, ensuring not just style but adaptability for every foot size.

1960s Revival: Roger Vivier’s Canard Slingback

1960s Revival: Roger Vivier's Canard Slingback

Creative director Gherardo Felloni revives the Canard from the ’60s archives. Slingback silhouette, tiny buckle detailing, and a kitten heel bring vintage elegance to the 2000s, proving timeless allure.

Comfort Meets Heights: Loewe’s Innovative Footbed Heel

Comfort Meets Heights: Loewe's Innovative Footbed Heel
Loewe’s footebed heel for spring ’24

Loewe elevates comfort with a molded footbed on a heel, redefining the Birkenstock influence. A game changer for heel enthusiasts, comfort takes center stage without compromising style.

Glossy Sophistication: Saint Laurent’s Pump Resurgence

Glossy Sophistication: Saint Laurent's Pump Resurgence
Saint Laurent slingback pumps for spring ’24

YSL softens the pump’s severity with curves, stability, and iridescent gloss. Tortoise buckles adorn these glossy pumps, making a bold statement for those embracing high heeled elegance.

Gothic Romance: Christian Dior’s Witchy Gladiator Flats

Gothic Romance: Christian Dior's Witchy Gladiator Flats
Christian Dior’s pearl-accented gladiator flat for spring ’24

Maria Grazia Chiuri adds oomph to ballerina flats in a goth punk collection. Black grosgrain accents, pearl clasps, and a gladiator effect redefine the perfect shoe for the goth romantic.

Pearl Adorned Extravaganza: Dries Van Noten’s Mule Marvel

Pearl Adorned Extravaganza: Dries Van Noten's Mule Marvel
Dries Van Noten’s pearl mule for spring ’24.

Dries Van Noten turns heads with pearl encrusted mules, a unique shape and embellishment amidst a season of muted tones. Signature sculpted heels and tiny grey pearls create a lust worthy pair.

Netted Elegance: Valentino’s Woven Espadrille

Netted Elegance: Valentino's Woven Espadrille
Valentino’s spring ’24 espadrille 

Valentino’s woven espadrilles, adorned with a netted crystal detail, transport us to vacation dreams. A stylish nod to fishnet gowns, proving it’s never too early to plan a getaway.

Supermodel Sleekness: Pierre Hardy’s Essential Slingbacks

Supermodel Sleekness: Pierre Hardy's Essential Slingbacks
Netted Elegance: Valentino’s Woven Espadrille

Minimalist elegance takes center stage with Hardy’s essential slingbacks in matte leather. Named after ’90s supermodels, these sleek, pure, and clean heels, like the Linda, echo a bygone era.

Revived Heritage: Charles Jourdan’s Hot Rod Mule

Revived Heritage: Charles Jourdan's Hot Rod Mule
Charles Jourdan’s hot rod heel for spring ’24.

Inspired by the ’60s, Charles Jourdan’s Hot Rod Mule emerges with stability, the iconic inverted curve, and metal accents. A nostalgic relaunch blending heritage with contemporary flair.

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