5 Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support (Nov Updated) 2023

Looking to buy the best basketball shoes for Ankle Support? If yes so first let’s get to know why you need it. There are very few aspiring basketball players who have never injured an ankle. It’s inevitable that you’ll break your ankles on a furious crossover or land on someone else’s feet after a layup.

Fortunately, you may lessen your chance of ankle injury by purchasing a pair of basketball shoes with plenty of ankle support. These shoes will strengthen the stability of your feet and guard against excessive ankle movements, which might result in sprains or severe ankle injuries.

Warning: If you are healing from a serious ankle injury or spraining your ankles regularly, ankle support from your shoes may not be enough.

List of best basketball shoes for ankle support

List best basketball shoes for ankle supportPrice
Air Jordan 36 For Ankle SupportCheck Price
Nike Air Zoom GT JumpCheck Price
Nike Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes For Ankle SupportCheck Price
New Balance Kawhi 2 Basketball shoesCheck Price
Air Jordan 37 Basketball ShoeCheck Price

Now let’s dive into the post where you will get the top & Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support but I request you to stay tuned with the post till the end so you can get to know everything about each shoe.

1. Air Jordan 36 For Ankle Support

The Air Jordan 36 follows the Jordan brand’s recent trend, picking up where the previous two models left off. The traction is incredible. It is effective on both clean and dirty courts. All reviewers agree that the 36’s cushioning is fantastic, but they also believe that the Air unit jutting from the outsole is superfluous.

The fit is tight and narrow, so if that’s not your thing, go larger. It has full-length Zoom Air, excellent traction, and, most significantly, excellent support features. This year’s materials have been drastically reduced. They make the shoe lighter without compromising much comfort or durability.

The unexpectedly sturdy upper and outsole components that curve upward into the midsole provide good support in this shoe. The Air Jordan 36, the next signature shoe in the range, delivers and is yet another high-quality performance basketball sneaker.

  • There are no concerns with the traction.
  • Cushion feels amazing
  • Amazing design
  • The outsole might be a little shaky. 
  • They fit narrow and snug

2. Nike Air Zoom GT Jump

The GT Jump, Nike’s final release in the GT series, manages to make all of the technology Nike included in its function well together. The traction grabbed all of the diverse surfaces that reviewers tried it on while maintaining cushioning.

If you like Nike Zoom, you’ll enjoy them when it comes to cushioning. It’s bouncy, has plenty of impact protection, and moves quickly. Nike incorporates Jumpwire with synthetics and meshes to make the shoe breathable without sacrificing performance.

Most reviews agree that the jump frame is the shoe’s main feature. This Best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support serves to secure the foot, preventing the player from feeling unsteady on top of the padding. Despite the long wait, the Nike Air Zoom GT Jump delivers and is one of the greatest sneakers to release this year.

  • The tech works well together for performance
  • The jump frame is as good as advertised
  • A bit on the heavier side

3. Nike Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

Nike Lebron 19 best Basketball Shoes For Ankle Support

The latest addition in LeBron’s trademark shoe series gets off to a rough start, with critics reporting uneven traction. The cushioning is the highlight performance feature of the LeBron range, as it has usually been. The shoe provides enough impact protection while remaining springy thanks to the forefoot Zoom Air.

The fit might be tight. But, once broken in, the materials loosen up. This year’s materials are much enhanced. Straight out of the package, the upper feels light and comfy. Support and lockdown are fine. LeBron 19’s lateral containment is a highlight.

With its insane cushion design, upgraded materials, and good support, the Nike LeBron 19 is a great sneaker to play in. The sole disadvantage is the lack of traction.

  • They provide good support and stability
  • The cushion feels incredible
  • Amazing design
  • Comfortable shoe
  • Traction can be inconsistent at times
  • They fit a bit snug

4. New Balance Kawhi 2 Basketball shoes

New Balance Kawhi 2 Basketball shoes

Kawhi Leonard’s latest signature model with New Balance is a significant step forward. After a short break-in period, the traction bites on virtually any surface. With the full-length FuelCell arrangement, New Balance maintains the shoe low to the ground and responsive. It isn’t the softest, but it makes players feel more agile.

The materials utilized on the upper of the shoe are lightweight, breathable, and provide a supportive fit. The heel counter and outsole tread that wraps around the shoe work together to keep your foot safe. These qualities eliminate the need for support and lockdown in the shoe.

  • Improved materials
  • Stylish look
  • Grippy traction
  • Not the best for impact protection
  • No additional width options with this model

5.  Air Jordan 37 Basketball Shoe

Air Jordan 37 Basketball Shoe

Jordan Brand changes the traction to appear more like that of the Zion 1, but the performance remains the same. The forefoot’s double-stacked Zoom Strobel and Zoom Air unit deliver lots of bounce and responsiveness. Meanwhile, the heel cushioning is Formula 23, and it has a caged feel to it.

All reviews agree that the materials are not premium, yet they work admirably in all areas. When compared to the previous year’s Air Jordan 36, the fit is better. It better accommodates somewhat wider feet.

All of the support features are also included. The materials do a good job of keeping the foot enclosed during play. The Air Jordan 37, the latest mainline Jordan, delivers unique performance and a plethora of features to enjoy.

  • Bouncy forefoot cushioning
  • Materials are strong for performance
  • Materials are not premium
  • Heel cushioning could be better

High-top basketball sneakers, do they help to avoid ankle sprains?

When high tops wrap around your ankles, you’d think they’d give greater ankle support than equivalent low tops.

No way! Research studies compared the occurrence of ankle sprains in high-top best basketball shoes for ankle support to low-top basketball shoes and found no difference. The added collar height is not tight enough to keep your ankles from rolling. Another study found that athletes who wore low-top shoes with laced ankle stabilizers had the fewest injuries.


Everyone who has played basketball has rolled their ankle, and playing in shoes that do not provide adequate support is a miserable experience, especially if you have previously been hurt, which is why it is critical to locate best basketball shoes for ankle support.

I hope you liked this post on the best basketball shoes for ankle support. If you have any questions or problems regarding this post then do let me know in the comment below. I would definitely help you out.

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