5 Best Nike Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis (Nov Updated) 2023

Have plantar fasciitis which is why looking for the best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis. If yes then first let’s understand a bit about plantar fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is a painful ailment that no one wants to have. The heel discomfort you feel in the morning might be excruciating. It can demotivate you from going for your morning stroll, run, or workout. 

If you do not wear the proper footwear, your foot will get painful. The proper footwear gives your foot the essential cushioning and support. It lessens the tension on your fascia.

Numerous shoe companies have taken this medical problem into account. They have created shoes for persons who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Nike is not resistant to this tendency. The firm has produced shoes that are good for those with plantar fasciitis. Herein this article we will cover the best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis. 

What is plantar fasticiitis? 

Plantar fasciitis is one of the most prevalent causes of heel discomfort. It is caused by inflammation of a broad band of tissue that runs across the bottom of each foot and links the heel bone to the toes (plantar fascia).

Plantar fasciitis typically creates searing pain with your initial steps in the morning. The discomfort usually goes away when you get up and walk, but it may return after long periods of standing or when you rise up after sitting.

List of best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis 

List Best Gym Shoes For Flat FeetPrice
Nike Air Monarch IV Cross TrainerCheck Price
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33Check Price
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34Check Price
Nike Women’s Roshe One TrainersCheck Price
Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit Running shoeCheck Price

So without wasting more time, lemme take you to the review section where we have compiled the list of best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis.

1. Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

Nike Air Monarch IV Cross Trainer

This shoe has the highest rating among Nike sneakers for men with plantar fasciitis. This shoe is incredibly comfy. You may walk in them all day. You nearly seem to be walking on air. You can stand in them for up to ten hours every day.

It sports a lightweight foam upper and full-length encapsulated air sole unit cushions to cushion your foot. This function protects your fascia by cushioning your heel. It shields your heel from the impact of every strike you make on the ground whether walking, jogging, or exercising.

The shoe has also received several five-star evaluations for its exceptional arch support. It boasts a raised heel, a deep heel cup, and a solid heel counter. These qualities are crucial because they give a lot of heel support. The heels are extremely bouncy.

  • Your heel will be well-cushioned. This relieves strain on your plantar fascia.
  • Your foot will benefit from the elevated heel.
  • A sturdy heel counter that supports your foot’s heel.
  • Rocker Soles
  • Not found any

2. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 33

This is another Best Nike Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis that is appropriate for guys with plantar fasciitis. This shoe is appropriate for short-distance jogging, strolling, the gym, and marathons. It sports a cushioned midsole and Zoom air units. Your foot is cushioned by these qualities. Yet the cushioning is more in the mid-foot area than at the heel.

It includes a curved toe region that rockers your feet and is ideal for relieving arch strain. It also features a high heel, which gives your foot superb heel support. It offers adequate arch support.

  • Midfoot region cushioning is adequate.
  • 3-star heel cushioning
  • High heels provide excellent heel support.
  • Strong heel counter Sole with good resistance
  • Arch support is adequate.
  • Not found any

3. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 34

It includes all of the qualities of the Pegasus 33 and is ideal for guys suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Pegasus 34, on the other hand, is somewhat slimmer and tighter on the foot than Pegasus 33. While deciding between the two, you might take these little differences into account.

  • Midfoot region cushioning is adequate.
  • 3-star heel cushioning
  • High heels provide excellent heel support.
  • Strong heel counter
  • Not found any

4. Nike Women’s Roshe One Trainers

Nike Women’s Roshe One Trainers

While walking, the Nike Roshe One footwear provides appropriate cushioning that absorbs ground impact. It sports a solar-soft sock lining and a thin foam sole unit. It features a detachable insole. Hence, if necessary, you can always replace it with a considerably more cushioned insole. It’s really light and comfy.

It boasts superb arch support and a raised heel that offers heel support. These Best Nike Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis are Excellent for both your gym session and your daily walk.

  • 4 stars for heel cushioning.
  • Raised heels are helpful for heel support.
  • Strong heel counter
  • Strong arch support
  • Not designed for long-distance running.
  • The shoe would have been ideal with a better rocker sole.

5. Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit Running shoe

Nike Women’s Free Rn Flyknit Running shoe

This shoe includes a zoom air cushion. Yet, the cushion is insufficient to resist the impact of long-distance running. Yet, the cushion is sufficient for light running and strolling.

This shoe is lightweight, not bulky, attractive, and fits perfectly. To offer heel support, it has an external heel counter with a raised heel.

  • Two stars for heel cushioning.
  • Heel support is excellent because of the elevated heel.
  • Sole with enough resistance on the external heel counter
  • Arch support is okay.

How to find the right shoe for plantar fasciitis? 

1. Cushioning

As you run, both of your feet are frequently off the ground at the same moment. Your body braces for impact as they touch the ground. Your feet are in charge of absorbing and dispersing impact. Many persons who suffer from heel discomfort wear shoes with insufficient padding. Maybe they wear shoes with worn-down heels from jogging heel-to-toe. In any case, their shoes aren’t providing the necessary support for their feet.

2. Arch Support 

Shoes with strong arch support might provide some pain alleviation. Especially if your heel discomfort is the result of flat feet. The midsole of your regular running or walking shoes should include arch support.

This provides the structure that flat feet require to relieve stress on the surrounding ligaments and tendons. This automatically makes your ankles more stable, lowering your chances of heel discomfort.

3. Wide-toe box

A tiny toe box is common in many shoes, such as high heels or dress shoes. This limits toe mobility and might result in discomfort in the tendon that goes down the foot to the heels. Shoes that enable your feet to move freely are best. This also applies to persons who have naturally broad feet. Shoes for broad feet will provide additional space.


I hope you like this post on Best Nike Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis. Finding the right footwear can make a significant difference in managing the discomfort and pain caused by plantar fasciitis. Nike has become a trusted brand in the world of sports and athletics, offering a range of shoes that cater to different needs and preferences. In this post, we have highlighted some of the best Nike shoes for plantar fasciitis based on various factors such as support, cushioning, and stability.

We hope this post has provided useful information to help you make an informed decision and alleviate some of the discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis.

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