10 Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma (Nov Updated) 2023

If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time on your feet. Whether you’re running around town or hitting the trails, proper foot care is essential if you want to stay healthy and injury-free. But what kind of foot care should you be implementing for Morton’s neuroma? In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma and help you choose the perfect pair for your needs. We’ll also discuss how to take care of your shoes so that they last longer and keep your feet safe from injury. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

What is Morton’s Neuroma?

Morton’s neuroma is a benign tumor that can form on the upper nerve roots in the spinal cord. Symptoms of Morton’s neuroma may include numbness and tingling in the legs, muscle weakness, and difficulty walking or standing. If left untreated, Morton’s neuroma can lead to complete paralysis. There is no known cure for Morton’s neuroma, but treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

List of Best Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

If you are living with Morton’s neuroma then you know that the pain and inflammation can be debilitating. In fact, some Morton’s neuroma patients find that they can’t even stand up for long periods of time because of the intense pain. But thankfully, there are a number of great running shoes designed specifically for those living with Morton’s neuroma. Below, we have compiled a list of the best running shoes for those living with Morton’s neuroma.

1. Merrell Men’s Trail Glove 4 Runner

Merrell Men's Trail Glove 4 Runner

You get the feeling of a new barefoot jog with the Merrell Trail Glove 4. It reduces mileage and sticks to pleasant paths giving your body time to adjust. It can work as an amazing transition shoe for experienced runners. Particularly, it seems lighter-weighted and might prove to be an upgrade in how it offers more protection and support.

Various features make these shoes ideal for those with Morton’s neuroma. They are the best running shoes to have in less-than-ideal situations.

2. Brooks Men’s Ghost Running Shoe

Brooks Men's Ghost Running Shoe

The running shoe offers a supportive forefoot and heel for long distances. The design weighs 225 grams and is made of durable rubber for the outsole to resist pounding as you run.

The best running shoe for Morton’s neuroma is not just comfortable, but also provides great room for toes. Additionally, the heel and ankle collar are more fitted to the shape of your foot. Within the first few hours of wearing them, you will understand why this shoe is great for running with Morton’s neuroma.

3. ALTRA Men’s AL0A4VQA Running Shoe

ALTRA Men's AL0A4VQA Running Shoe

Altra Escalante 2.5 is a perfect running shoe for those who want to move faster. The shoes are light and barely weigh more than a few ounces. They have a supple, yet responsive midsole and supportive upper that can keep you going with the pace.

Although the Escalante 2.5 was a bit less responsive than its predecessors, it became faster with tighter design and padded sole. You can wear these shoes for hours on end or do quick sprints, depending on your preference.

4. ALTRA Men’s AL0A4VQO Paradigm Running Shoe

ALTRA Men's AL0A4VQO Paradigm Running Shoe

Altra is a shoe that allows you to be more stable at the times when you need it and less stable at the time when you don’t need it. It is fine for neutral runners, who do not need stability control in their shoes.

By using a stabilized system, the Maxxodus provides stability and comfort. The cushioning on the platform can be used for all day activity and will act as a daily trainer for extended runs.

5. ALTRA Men’s ALM1937K Torin Plush Road Running Shoe

ALTRA Men's ALM1937K Torin Plush Road Running Shoe

The Altra Torin 4 is a plush and comfortable shoe, ideal for those with Morton’s Neuroma. The shoe has a responsive but flexible QUANTICTM midsole and chosen Strobel layer, as well as perform-X insole. It weighs 286 grams. 

The FootShape technology creates a map of your foot. With this, it can flex and adapt naturally. The FootShape helps to spread, relax, and have better stability. The knit upper is soft and provides extraordinary flexibility with its cushioning.

6. ASICS Men’s Gel-Kayano Running Shoes

ASICS Men's Gel-Kayano Running Shoes

ASICS has created a 311-gram shoe that is heavy-duty and provides high-quality construction. The shoe is the deluxe version, and most test testers praised the immediate comfort of the velvety upper.

The cushioning in the heel feels softer than before. There is a medial post to help reduce torsional flexion and overpronation. A plastic truss in the shoe provides added stabilization, and there is EVA foam that offers some shock absorption.

7. ASICS Men’s 33-FA Running Shoe

Best ASICS Men's 33-FA Running Shoe

The ASICS shoe is a shoe that takes care of your feet by aiming to keep them in their natural state. This particular shoe reduces strain and provides support, but also serves as a comfortable form of footwear. The ASICS weighs around 292 grams, has a dual-density midsole, and a heel-to-toe drop of 4mm.

The upper is made of mesh fabric, which provides breathability and the shoe’s rubber sole keeps the foot comfortable. The front forefoot section has some GEL cushioning next to a comfort system to keep the heel and toes relaxed.

This shoe is designed to keep your foot sweat-free. It also provides appropriate padding and support, while the design of the shoe helps to maintain the natural position of your foot. Thanks its accommodating fit, this shoe is an ideal option for those with Morton’s neuroma.

8. HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Mens Bondi Running Shoe

Bondi 6 has the most comfortable cushioning by Hoka’s standards, and found out through wear-testing that it can absorb more than other shoes. It has a velvet-like material in the midsole and is very resilient against damage.

The company has updated the outsole to provide runners with a better experience while reducing weight. The Bondi 6 features a comfortable ride without the side effects of bulkier materials. Reviewers find fault in the midsole, which makes for a slower recovery push-off, resulting in its slow and forgiving ride.

9. Topo Athletic Men’s Balanced Running Shoe

Topo Athletic Men's Balanced Running Shoe

The Fli-Lyte 3 is a comfortable, lightweight and responsive trainer made by Topo Athletic. Unlike traditional trainers, the Fli-Lite 3 incorporates natural running, which means that it ensures efficient, low drop, and unaffected gait-based movement.

One of the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma is the Adidas Alphabounce EM. It’s lightweight with high-traction tread, a great fit. Reviewers were impressed with how far it can take you while wearing it.

10. Brooks Bedlam 2 Running Shoes

Brooks Bedlam 2 Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

The Brooks Bedlam 2 is the second iteration in the line, and provides a more responsive experience with increased energy return. It also has a more dynamic take-off and will cushion your feet for miles. With a weight of 313 grams for males and 284 for females, it is one of the lightest pairs in the line.

The guide rails are located on the running belt and will help to alleviate stress on your knees, hips and ankles. If you overpronate, the guide rails are there to compensate for your stride.

Types of Running Shoes For Morton’s Neuroma

There are many types of running shoes that are designed to help people with Morton’s neuroma. Some of the most popular types of shoes include motion- Control shoes, stability shoes, and cushioning shoes. Each type of shoe has its own benefits and drawbacks, so it is important to select the right one for your needs.

  • Motion-Control Shoes: Motion-control shoes are designed to provide support and stability while you are running. They typically have a stiffer sole and a higher arch design that helps to prevent foot movement. They can be a bit difficult to get used to, but they can help reduce the risk of injury.
  • Stability Shoes: Stability shoes are designed to provide extra cushioning and support while you are running. They typically have a softer sole and a wider toe box that helps distribute weight more evenly throughout your foot. Stability shoes can be more difficult to get used to, but they can help protect your foot from injury.
  • Cushioning Shoes: Cushioning shoes are designed to provide air cushioning and shock absorption while you are running. They typically have a soft foam or gel heel pad that helps reduce impact forces on your feet. Cushioning shoes can be

What To Look For In A Good Running Shoe For Morton’s Neuroma?

When it comes to finding the perfect running shoes for Morton’s neuroma, there are a few key factors that you should consider.

First and foremost, make sure that the shoe is designed specifically for people with this condition. Many running shoes are not tailored specifically for people with Morton’s neuroma, and may not provide the support and stability that you need.

Additionally, be sure to find shoes that have a snug fit. Too loose of a fit can allow pressure points to form on your feet, which can cause pain and inflammation. Conversely, shoes that are too tight can also cause additional discomfort.

Finally, be sure to look for shoes that have good cushioning and support. A good running shoe should provide enough cushioning to absorb impact and help reduce foot pain, while also providing enough support to keep your feet stable throughout your run.


If you are experiencing Morton’s neuroma or any other foot pain, it is important to find the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma. Running shoes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so it can be difficult to find the right pair that will not only protect your feet but also support your stride. I have put together a list of five of the best running shoes for Morton’s neuroma that should fit almost every need. If you are still unable to find a pair of running shoes that work well for you, consider seeking advice from a professional athlete or specialist in this field.

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