10 Best Shoes For One Year Old (Nov Updated) 2023

Welcome to an essential guide in your quest for the Best Shoes for One Year Old, a journey that balances the realms of tiny toes and enormous curiosity. As your little one completes their first whirlwind trip around the sun, their growth from cautious crawler to aspiring walker necessitates footwear that transcends mere function. We understand that these shoes aren’t just accessories; they’re companions to their adventures, support for their exploration, and a canvas for their budding style.

In this comprehensive dive into the realm of toddler footwear, we’ll unearth a treasure trove of options that epitomize comfort, safety, and fashion-forward design – all crucial attributes for those defining early steps. Whether your pint-sized adventurer is gearing up for outdoor escapades or a rendezvous with playmates, the Best Shoes for One Year Old are here to ensure that every stride is backed by the best. Join us as we navigate through this exciting labyrinth of choices, helping you secure a foundation that promises not only happy feet but also cherished memories.

List Of Best Shoes For One Year Old

List Of Best Shoes For One Year OldPrice
Simple Joys SneakerCheck Price
Robeez First KicksCheck Price
HIITAVE Toddler SneakersCheck Price
Converse Kids’ SneakerCheck Price
PUMA Unisex SneakerCheck Price
PUMA ST Runner ShoeCheck Price
Rubber Sole Toddle SneakerCheck Price
Carter’s Slip-on Canvas ShoeCheck Price
Adidas Unisex ShoeCheck Price
Under Armour ShoeCheck Price

1. Simple Joys Sneaker

Simple Joys Sneaker

Introducing the Simple Joys Sneaker, a delightful blend of comfort, convenience, and cuteness designed specifically for the dynamic world of toddlers. The search for the Best Shoes for One Year Old that not only cater to their developing feet but also make dressing a breeze is a continuous journey.

The Simple Joys Sneaker checks all the boxes, ensuring a seamless and stylish experience for both you and your little adventurer. Its 100% synthetic upper, synthetic rubber sole, and user-friendly features create an impeccable package that caters to both your child’s needs and your desire for quality. If you’re on the hunt for an exceptional addition to your child’s wardrobe, these Sneakers deserves a prime spot on your list.


  • Upper Material: 100% Synthetic.
  • Sole Material: Synthetic Rubber.
  • Closure: Easy hook and loop power strap closure.
  • Laces: No-tie stretch laces for added convenience.
  • Sole Flexibility: Flexible TPR sole for natural movement.

2. Robeez First Kicks

Robeez First Kicks

When it comes to finding the Best Shoes for One Year Old, the Robeez First Kicks line stands out as a true game-changer. These shoes are not just footwear; they are a step towards healthy development, comfort, and style for your little adventurer. The structured silhouette ensures that they’re not just stylish but also functional, offering a secure fit that promotes confident strides.

From the easy on-off design to the supportive sole, every aspect is geared towards helping your little one step confidently into the world. With the Robeez First Kicks, you’re not just gifting shoes; you’re offering the gift of healthy growth and exploration. This thoughtful progression ensures that their tiny feet are properly supported throughout their walking journey.


  • Sole: Suede sole for sizes 0-3 & 3-6 months.
  • Easy On-Off: Kick-proof design for easy on-off.
  • Non-Slip Soles: Flexible suede sole prevents slipping.
  • Cleaning: Spot clean with mild detergent and damp cloth.
  • Design: Structured silhouette for early and beginner walkers.
  • Breathable: Naturally breathable lining keeps feet dry and cool.
  • Support: Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

3. HIITAVE Toddler Sneakers

HIITAVE Toddler  Sneakers

Embark on a journey of comfort and exploration with the HIITAVE Toddler Sneakers – a perfect fusion of lightweight design and dynamic play for your young adventurer. When seeking the Best Shoes for One Year Old, these sneakers redefine the way toddlers experience comfort, flexibility, and convenience.

From their featherlight weight to their flexibility and breathability, these sneakers provide an unparalleled blend of comfort and support for your little explorer. They transcend the notion of being mere shoes, becoming steadfast companions on your child’s voyage of growth and discovery. Whether strolling, sprinting, or simply savoring the world, the HIITAVE Toddler Sneakers are poised to meet every challenge, ensuring each step is taken with grace and comfort.


  • Sole: Rubber sole for superior traction
  • Weight: Light as a feather.
  • Flexibility: Flexible and non-skid sole for a range of activities.
  • Breathability: Mesh material for enhanced airflow and comfort.
  • Convenience: Adjustable hook and loop closure for a secure fit and easy on/off.

4. Converse Kids’ Sneaker

Converse Kids' Sneaker

Experience the magic of tiny footsteps and timeless style with the Converse Kids’ Sneaker, a harmonious blend of iconic design and modern comfort, crafted exclusively for your young adventurer. When the search is on for the Best Shoes for One Year Old, these sneakers effortlessly claim their place as an essential choice that seamlessly marries the allure of classic aesthetics with the practicality demanded by energetic toddlers.

From the fabric upper to the velcro straps, each detail echoes your child’s comfort and well-being. As your little one embarks on their exploratory steps, they’re not just wearing shoes; they’re stepping into a world where style meets substance, fostering an early appreciation for the beauty of classic design and the excitement of the journey ahead.


  • Origin: Imported.
  • Upper Material: Fabric.
  • Closure: Velcro straps for easy wearing.
  • Sole: Rubber sole for durability and traction.

5. PUMA Unisex Sneaker

PUMA Unisex Sneaker

As your little one takes their first steps into a world of exploration, the quest for the Best Shoes for One Year Old becomes paramount. The PUMA Unisex Sneaker emerges as a remarkable choice that seamlessly fuses style, comfort, and quality, laying the foundation for a confident journey ahead.

From its 100% leather and textile composition to its thoughtful design, every element works in harmony to create a shoe that supports your child’s growth and exploration. As your little one embarks on their walking journey, these sneakers aren’t just shoes; they’re a statement of confidence, an embrace of iconic style, and a foundation for a future filled with endless possibilities.


  • Origin: Imported.
  • Upper Material: 100% Leather and Textile.
  • Shaft Height: Low-top inches with no heel.
  • Sole: Rubber sole for traction and durability.

6. PUMA ST Runner Shoe

PUMA ST Runner Shoe

Step into a world of style and comfort with the PUMA ST Runner Shoe, a seamless fusion of contemporary design and toddler, approved comfort, tailored to accompany your little explorer’s first steps. In the pursuit of finding the Best Shoes for One Year Old, these sneakers effortlessly emerge as the perfect embodiment of trendsetting aesthetics and uncompromising coziness.

From the artful blend of synthetic and rubber materials to the striking design, each facet of these shoes is a conscious effort to nurture your child’s growth and support their innate curiosity. Beyond shoes, they’re a canvas for self expression, a tribute to PUMA’s legacy, and an invitation for your child to stride confidently into a world of endless exploration and impeccable style.


  • Material: Synthetic and Rubber.
  • Sole: Rubber sole for traction and durability.
  • Design: Sporting a low-top silhouette with no heel.
  • Closure: Featuring a secure yet convenient lace-up closure.
  • Padding: Equipped with cushioned padding to enhance comfort during every step.

7. Rubber Sole Toddle Sneaker

Rubber Sole Toddle Sneaker

When it comes to finding the Best Shoes for One Year Old, the Rubber Sole Toddler Sneaker effortlessly captures attention with its combination of comfort, safety, and style. Designed to cater to your young explorer’s needs, these sneakers redefine what it means to support your child’s early walking journey.

From its non slip sole to the memory foam insole, from its ergonomic design to its modern appearance, every detail is meticulously designed to support your child’s growth and exploration. These sneakers aren’t just shoes; they’re a commitment to your child’s comfort, happiness, and well-being during their vital walking journey.


  • Toe Box: Wide anti-collision toe box for added protection.
  • Sole: Non-slip upgrade phylon sole for softness and lightness.
  • Insole: Memory foam insole for enhanced cushioning and support.
  • Upper Material: Breathable mesh made of high-quality high-tech nylon knitted fabric.

8. Carter’s Slip-on Canvas Shoe

Carter's Slip-on Canvas Shoe

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and playfulness with the Carter’s Slip-on Canvas Shoe, an ideal choice when seeking the Best Shoes for One Year Old. These adorable and versatile slip-on sneakers seamlessly balance practicality with style, making each step a joyful exploration.

The synthetic sole provides durability and traction, ensuring that these shoes can keep up with your toddler’s adventures. From the breathable textile canvas upper to the playful prints and trusted Carter’s quality, every aspect speaks to the needs of both parents and their little adventurers. These shoes aren’t just an accessory; they’re a representation of quality, comfort, and the joys of toddlerhood.


  • Upper Material: 100% Textile.
  • Sole: Synthetic sole for durability and traction.
  • Design: Easy on/off slip-on style for convenience.
  • Outsole: Flexible TPR outsole for natural movement.
  • Visual Appeal: Features fun novelty prints to capture toddlers’ imagination.

9. Adidas Unisex Shoe

Adidas Unisex Shoe

Introducing the Adidas Unisex Shoe, a fusion of comfort, style, and practicality that makes it a compelling contender for the title of Best Shoes for One Year Old. These shoes redefine what it means to support your toddler’s growth, all while keeping them fashionably ahead.

With their durability, comfort, and fashionable edge, they’re a perfect fit for young adventurers who are taking their first steps into a world of discovery. From its easy-on features to the lightweight synthetic leather upper and the Disney magic infused into each step, these shoes redefine what toddler footwear can be. Beyond shoes, they’re a statement of quality, comfort, and a gateway to a world of endless exploration for your little one.


  • Origin: Imported.
  • Sole: Rubber sole for traction and durability.
  • Easy Dressing: Designed for toddlers with easy-on features for quick changes.
  • Adjustable Convenience: Easy on straps with adjustable hook-and-loop closures.
  • Upper Material: Lightweight synthetic leather upper with a leather-like look and feel.

10. Under Armour Shoe

Under Armour Shoe

Discover a world of comfort, durability, and style with the Under Armour Shoe, a definitive choice when it comes to seeking the Best Shoes for One Year Old. Designed to nurture your toddler’s growth and provide unparalleled comfort, these shoes redefine the notion of early footwear.

From the robust rubber sole to the innovative TPU heel overlay and customizable EVA sockliner, each aspect reflects a deep understanding of your child’s needs. These shoes aren’t just for toddlers; they’re a testament to your commitment to providing the very best for your little one’s early journey.


  • Sole: Rubber.
  • Upper Material: Lightweight and breathable mesh upper.
  • Reinforced Support: TPU heel overlay for reliable support.
  • Comfort Innovation: Enhanced cushioning around the ankle collar.
  • Customized Comfort: Full-length EVA sockliner for added comfort.


In the world of toddlerhood, finding the Best Shoes for One Year Old is more than just a choice; it’s an investment in their comfort, safety and style. As we’ve navigated through a diverse array of options, it’s clear that the quest for the perfect pair of shoes is a pursuit that resonates deeply with parents and guardians alike. The journey has brought us face to face with lightweight textiles, rubber soles, adjustable closures, and memory foam insoles, all elements that speak to the delicate balance between functionality and aesthetics.

When seeking the Best Shoes for One Year Old, the importance of comfort cannot be understated. Through the diverse options we’ve uncovered, we’ve witnessed the innovation, creativity, and care that go into ensuring these shoes offer the perfect blend of comfort, style, and support. So, as you take the next steps in your parenting journey, remember that finding the ideal pair of shoes is more than a choice, it’s a gesture of love and a promise to provide the very best for your one year old explorer.

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