Cougar Shoes Teams Up with Michelin for Exceptional Soles

New York, September 27, 2023 Cougar Shoes, the iconic Canadian footwear brand with 75 years of heritage, is stepping into a new era with the launch of its Cougar Collection. This innovative footwear line is the result of a partnership with Michelin, the legendary tire maker, renowned for its winter technology. The collaboration brings together fashion forward style and outstanding outdoor performance.

Elevating Winter Footwear

Cougar Shoes introduces this collection, designed primarily for women, as a fusion of style and functionality. These boots are built to withstand the harshest winter conditions, with temperature ratings down to 40°C/40°F. Cougar’s President, Steve Sedlbauer, expresses his excitement about the Michelin collaboration: Our Michelin styles offer hybrid winter boots that combine cutting edge winter technology with stylish outdoor aesthetics.

The Collection at a Glance

The Cougar Collection with Michelin soles consists of three luxurious athletic hybrid styles, featuring an array of directional colors from runway inspired Loden to the softest shades of Pearl and Almond. These boots are not only fashionable but also practical.

They come equipped with lightweight anti slip Michelin soles, offering an excellent grip on ice, packed snow, and slippery surfaces. The soles are engineered for flexibility, providing superior traction and stability in cold conditions. This technology draws direct inspiration from Michelin’s high performance tires, ensuring comfort and long lasting performance.

Cougar Shoes Partners with Michelin soles
Cougar Shoes Partners with Michelin Soles

A Winning Partnership

Michelin’s Senior Sales Manager, Filippo Sartor, draws an interesting parallel Shoes are to people what tires are to a vehicle. The only thing connecting the user to the ground. Michelin soles aim to enhance movement and ground connection for wearers.

Key Features

These stylish lace up boots are specially designed for cold weather use and come with Cougar’s Always Waterproof guarantee. They are also equipped with PrimaLoft® insulation, making them a top choice for winter wear. The combination of PrimaLoft® insulation and Michelin sole technology is a noteworthy innovation.

In Brief

The Cougar Collection is a remarkable blend of fashion and performance. These boots offer not only style but also protection in extreme winter conditions, ensuring that wearers stay warm, dry, and steady on their feet. Cougar Shoes, a family business since 1948, remains committed to its Canadian heritage while evolving to meet the modern needs of footwear consumers worldwide.

With this collection, Cougar Shoes invites you to experience winter footwear like never before. Stay fashionable, stay warm, and stay connected to the ground with Cougar’s Michelin equipped boots.

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