HOKA Gaviota 5 Maximum Comfort Unleashed! Dive Into The Review By Running Shoes Guru.

Since its inception in 2009, HOKA’s maximal midsoles have become synonymous with unparalleled comfort. The Gaviota, HOKA’s stability version of the Bondi, has recently undergone a significant evolution the Gaviota 5. This latest iteration not only boasts a higher midsole but introduces a host of innovations, making it a standout choice for both over and under pronators.

The Gaviota Legacy

Gaviota, meaning “seagull” in Spanish, represents the stability offering in HOKA’s lineup, featuring 5mm more midsole than its predecessor, the Bondi. Priced at $175 USD, it positions itself as a premium choice in the footwear market.

Revolutionizing Stability

Breaking away from its predecessors, the Gaviota 5 introduces a new stability system designed to cater to the needs of over and under pronators. The early stage rocker system replaces the late stage rocker, ensuring a smoother transition and enhanced underfoot experience.

Weight and Similar Shoes

With a weight of 9.1 oz. (Women’s size 8) and 10.9 oz. (Men’s size 10), the Gaviota 5 is notably lighter than its predecessors. Comparable options include New Balance’s Vongo and the zero drop Altra Olympus.

Competition in Comfort and Stability

Competition in Comfort and Stability

In the realm of stability and comfort, the Gaviota faces competition from Saucony Hurricane, Brooks Beast (men’s), Ariel (women’s), ASICS Gel Kayano, and the New Balance 860.

First Impressions Gaviota 5 Unboxed

Upon the initial encounter with the Gaviota 5, notable positive changes emerge a more accommodating toe box, a smoother roll through the footplant, and a lighter overall feel. The shoe sheds about an ounce compared to its predecessors, contributing to a significantly improved running experience.

Style Meets Functionality

The Gaviota 5 boasts a redesigned Creel Jacquard mesh upper, offering strength and breathability. The internal heel counter undergoes a notable change, enhancing support without a plastic cap behind the heel. The revamped lacing system, plush ankle opening, and sock liner contribute to a comfortable and stylish upper.

Elevating Comfort and Stability

The sole of the Gaviota 5 witnesses a complete transformation, now 5mm higher with a drop ranging from 36mm in the heel to 30mm in the forefoot. The introduction of an early stage Meta Rocker ensures a smooth roll through the foot plant. The “H frame” technology replaces the “J frame” of the past, catering to both overpronators and supinators.


In conclusion, the Gaviota 5 stands as a testament to HOKA’s commitment to innovation and comfort. Balancing stability, style, and a lighter feel, it becomes an enticing option for runners seeking a supportive yet enjoyable running experience. If comfort and support are on your checklist, the Gaviota 5 deserves a prominent spot. Explore the revolution in stability and comfort with HOKA’s Gaviota 5 a true game changer in the world of running footwear.

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