Hoka Steps into London’s Covent Garden with New Shoe Store

Hoka, known for its performance athletic gear, recently made an exciting move by inaugurating its premier European store in London’s vibrant Covent Garden neighborhood. The parent company, Deckers Brands, envisions Hoka as a powerhouse in the multi-billion-dollar athletic lifestyle market.

A Covent Garden Oasis for Athletes

Situated at 2-3 James Street, this 1,750 square-foot flagship store boasts two floors dedicated to showcasing Hoka’s impressive lineup of footwear, apparel, and accessories. London, often considered the epicenter of athletic lifestyle footwear, holds immense significance for the brand.

A Fresh Design Concept and Joyful Vibes

Hoka Steps into London's Covent Garden with New Shoe Store

Hoka’s Covent Garden store introduces a brand-new design concept, blending contemporary aesthetics with natural elements that pay homage to the brand’s heritage. Inside, you’ll find interactive displays that resonate with Hoka’s commitment to joyful movement and inclusivity.

Connecting with the Hoka Community

On the lower ground floor, a dedicated community area awaits, offering an opportunity for consumers to engage with Hoka ambassadors, elite athletes, and product experts. This space will host a range of activities, including yoga classes, wellness services, equipment repair, runs, educational talks, workshops, and panel discussions.

Take Flight with the Hoka Run Club

 Hoka Run Club

The store launches with an exciting addition – the Hoka run club. Starting on October 11th, this club aims to unite people who share a passion for movement. Participants can also test Hoka’s latest shoe offerings, meet Hoka athletes and experts, groove to live music, and receive customized gifts.

Inspiring a Movement

Marco Ellerker, SVP and GM of EMEA, Japan, and Asia Pacific at Deckers Brands, highlighted the importance of fostering a sense of community and shared movement: “At Hoka, our goal is to inspire people to move, and it was important to us to create a space that can connect our community, with an accessible run club for fans of the brand to take flight together.”

Impressive Growth for Hoka and Deckers Brands

 Hoka and Deckers Brands

Hoka’s opening in Covent Garden aligns with its consistent sales performance under Deckers Brands. In the first quarter of 2024, Deckers reported a 10% increase in net sales, reaching $675.8 million, with Hoka leading the way with a remarkable 27.4% growth in net sales, totaling $420.5 million.

This dynamic move by Hoka in London reflects its commitment to inspiring movement and building a vibrant community around it.

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