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Then, you can make it your own by fully customizing all its elements and removing, adding or changing details like text, images and color. For example, if you’re building an ecommerce website, the purpose would be to list products through an online store. If you’re designing a portfolio website, the purpose would be to showcase your work. Unless you’re looking to sell online, website builders are the most effective way for non-tech whizzes to create their own website.

How to Make a Website Design

For instance, a .tech domain is excellent for tech-related projects, and .shop domains are often used for online stores. After choosing your website development platform, you’ll need to get a domain name. Think of it as an address visitors will type into their web browsers to open a site. We have a separate guide explaining how to purchase a domain name if you need help. While it’s a bit more simplistic than using a CMS, you’re limited to a single website type.

Why the Wix website builder is the best choice for you

People love to share ideas, voice their thoughts, and maybe even try to reach a global audience. They provide easy access to the most important pages on your site and help visitors delve deeper into your content. In the above URL, our category is “digital marketing” and the sub-category is “seo.” At the end of the permalink, we have the slug for the course how to design website page name, SEO for Beginners. However, a logical website structure can also be beneficial for your SEO. Search engine crawlers often visit your website and index your pages so that they appear in relevant queries. If your content is organized clearly, it makes it easier for them to understand its relevancy and they can index it more efficiently.

How to Make a Website Design

Browse different typefaces to find one that reflects your unique personality, whether you’re youthful and contemporary or have a more traditional approach. Just like colors, typography can also play a key role in evoking feelings. When choosing the best fonts for your website, there are a number of things to consider. Note that one site may serve multiple purposes—in which case, you’ll want to be very clear about the primary goal of your site.

Adding pages and publishing content

Before discussing the status of a button, let’s cover some basic knowledge about buttons in general. This will help us to go deep and understand button statuses after this. Our goal is that when someone clicks on the button, it’ll take them to the course overview section of our landing page. Let’s access our template to see which Button Module we can use and which section we can assign an ID to. In the header section, notice there is a button called Course Overview.

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