Huge Mumbai Seizure Fake Shoes Worth ₹3.26 Cr 3 Arrested

In a significant operation led by Mumbai’s Crime Branch, a substantial counterfeit shoe racket has been exposed in the bustling area of Bandra, Link Square Mall. Counterfeit sports shoes with a cumulative worth of ₹3.26 crore, falsely branded as prominent international companies like Adidas, Nike, and Converse, have been seized.

The Tip Off

The investigation was initiated following a tip off received by the property cell, revealing the presence of counterfeit footwear being sold under the guise of well known branded shoe companies within certain stores at Link Square Mall.

Raid Day

Officials swiftly acted upon this information. On Monday, they executed raids on three shops and three warehouses within the mall premises. The outcome was substantial, with the confiscation of counterfeit shoes prominently displaying the logos of Adidas, Nike, and Converse.

The Arrests

During the operation, the Crime Branch apprehended three individuals: Abdul Latif Sheikh (24), Akbar Mufeet Khan (42), and Mohammad Tariq Mohammad Farooq Sheikh (22). Subsequently, they were presented before the court and remanded to police custody until Friday.

Delhi Connection

As per a statement from a Crime Branch official, an intermediary from Delhi was instrumental in facilitating the purchase of these counterfeit shoes. The investigation is now extending its scope to ascertain the origin of these counterfeit products.

Corporate Involvement

In an attempt to unearth the truth behind this illicit operation, representatives from the affected companies were summoned for questioning.

Legal Action

In response to these developments, a First Information Report (FIR) has been formally filed at Khar Police Station. This signals a pivotal moment in the ongoing investigation into this counterfeit shoe racket.

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