J.C. Jackson’s Shoe Incident Why He Missed Last Week’s Chargers Game

When the Chargers traded J.C. Jackson back to the Patriots and retained most of his salary, it was evident they wanted to part ways with the player. Recent details shed light on the extent of the rift between Jackson and the Chargers.

Refusal to Enter the Game

According to reports from Ian Rapoport and Tom Pelissero, Jackson went to great lengths to avoid taking the field for the Chargers. He not only declined to enter the game against the Raiders but also kept his shoes untied on the sidelines.

Multiple Attempts to Persuade

Sources revealed that during the game, when a teammate, Michael Davis, suffered an ankle injury in the third quarter, multiple coaches tried to convince Jackson to play. However, he refused, citing reasons such as not feeling warmed up enough to join the game.

Prior Confusion

Before the Week 4 incident, Jackson had expressed confusion regarding his inactivity in Week 3. He acknowledged not being completely healthy but couldn’t comprehend why he was excluded from the active roster for the game against Minnesota.

Jackson’s Perspective

In Jackson’s own words, I don’t know, what else do they expect me to do? He conveyed his dedication to the team, including returning from injury quickly, putting in extra work, and actively participating in meetings and film sessions. Despite his efforts, he remained puzzled about his treatment.

In summary, the situation between J.C. Jackson and the Chargers grew contentious, culminating in his refusal to enter a game. Jackson’s confusion about his role on the team persisted, leading to his return to the Patriots.

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