Nike Strikes Back in Super Shoe Battle as Kelvin Kiptum Smashes Men’s Marathon Record

In the World of Athletics, Nike Strikes Back

In a dramatic resurgence, Nike has regained the spotlight in the high stakes super shoe battle. The Kenyan sensation, Kelvin Kiptum, has rewritten the record books by demolishing the men’s marathon record.

This seismic achievement is poised to reshape the athletic footwear landscape and rekindle the rivalry between sportswear giants. Join us as we delve into this thrilling chapter of marathon history. In a thrilling showdown of ‘super shoes,’ Kenya’s Kelvin Kiptum breaks Eliud Kipchoge’s marathon record wearing Nike’s latest carbon plated trainers.

Kiptum’s Record Breaking Run

A New Marathon King Emerges

Kipchoge’s five year reign ends as the 23 year old Kiptum stuns the world with a record breaking time of 2hr 0min 35sec in Chicago.

Women’s Record in Adidas

Tigsit Assefa’s Triumph

Two weeks ago, Tigsit Assefa set a new women’s marathon record in Adidas’ Adizero Adios Pro Evo 1, creating a buzz despite its price and one marathon recommendation.

Sifan Hassan’s Remarkable Win

Sifan Hassan’s Double Triumph

Sifan Hassan, also in Nike’s prototype shoe, won the women’s race, achieving the second fastest time ever, shortly after her World Championships victory.

The Super Shoe Technology

What Makes a Super Shoe?

Learn about the key features that define ‘super shoes,’ including stiff carbon plates, curved midsoles, and high energy foam.

Kipchoge’s Legacy

Kipchoge’s Iconic Run

Though not an official world record, Eliud Kipchoge’s historic sub two hour marathon in Vienna remains a landmark achievement.

Kiptum’s Bright Future

Kiptum’s Road Ahead

Kelvin Kiptum’s incredible performance positions him as a favorite for both breaking the two hour barrier and clinching Olympic gold.

Kiptum’s Marathon Mastery

Kiptum’s Chicago Triumph

Kiptum’s world record run unfolded over the final 12km of the race, setting the stage for his marathon history making.

Sifan Hassan’s Choice

Hassan’s Dilemma

Sifan Hassan faces a decision between pursuing the marathon in Paris or returning to track events after her impressive Chicago win.

British Success in Chicago

Rose Harvey’s Inspiring Journey

Rose Harvey’s remarkable journey from lawyer to Olympic qualifier in the Chicago Marathon. This user friendly summary explores the fierce competition between Nike and Adidas, Kiptum’s record breaking run, the ‘super shoe’ technology, and the bright future for marathon runners.

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