Python Developer Interview Questions 2023 Guide

When a Python interpreter calls a function, it creates a local namespace for that function. You can optimize data types and use method chaining to optimize the code above. Also, confirm which one of the built-in pandas functions are already being used in the above code.

python developer interview questions

Regularly considered one of the most in-demand languages across the world, Python continues to gain a dedicated following due to its superior support for data processing and manipulation. Headings, paragraphs, blockquotes, figures, images, and figure captions can all be styled after a class is added to the rich text element using the “When inside of” nested selector system. We can use Static Analysis tool called PyChecker for this purpose. Same other tools to find bugs in Python code are pylint and pyflakes. A split() function works on strings to cut a large piece into smaller chunks, or sub-strings.

Which are the file related libraries/modules in Python?

Python Global Interpreter Lock (GIL) is a type of process lock that is used by Python whenever it deals with processes. Generally, Python only uses only one thread to execute the set of written statements. The performance of the single-threaded process and the multi-threaded process will be the same in Python and this is because of GIL in Python. We can not achieve multithreading in Python because we have a global interpreter lock that restricts the threads and works as a single thread. Shallow copy is used when a new instance type gets created and it keeps values that are copied whereas deep copy stores values that are already copied. Whenever we redistribute a worldwide variable in the local extent of a capability, the movement just holds inside the nearby extension.

By asking this question, interviewers want to gauge your familiarity with coding standards and your commitment to writing clean, maintainable code. Equivalent to constructors in OOP terminology, __init__ is a reserved method in Python classes. The __init__ method is called automatically whenever a new object is initiated.

Explain all file processing modes supported in Python?

As a full stack Python developer, you’ll likely encounter projects that require you to work with external services, data sources, or functionality provided by other developers. Showcasing your experience in this area helps the interviewer assess your adaptability, technical skills, and ability to collaborate with various external resources. Caching strategies are essential for optimizing the performance of web applications, and employers want to know if you have the skills and experience to implement effective solutions. Demonstrating your knowledge and experience in this area shows that you’re capable of building efficient and scalable applications, which is a valuable asset to any team. In the ever-growing world of software development, Full Stack Python Developers are in high demand. These versatile professionals possess a unique skillset that spans across front-end and back-end development, using one of the most popular programming languages today – Python.

It is a very simple application framework that has many extensions to build an enterprise-level application. Flask does not provide a data abstraction layer or form validation by default. External libraries can be used on top of Flask to perform such tasks. A list comprehension is a more “Pythonic” way to create a list. You can use list comprehensions to create lists based on the contents of an existing collection. Global scope is a variable that is declared in the main part of a program.

Additional Situational Interview Questions for Python Developers

When employing reverse indexing, we access elements from the opposite end of the sequence. In this case, the indexing initiates from the last element, denoted by the index number ‘-1’. The second-to-last element is assigned an index of ‘-2’, and so forth.

In contrast, list lookup time is O(n), where the entire list may need to be iterated to find a value. You can attempt to use except blocks to handle exceptions in Python. The code inside the try block is executed, and if an exception occurs, the code inside the except block is also executed. A ‘break’ terminates the current loop or statement, ‘continue’ moves to the next iteration of the loop, and ‘pass’ is a placeholder for no operation within a statement block. PEP or Python Enhancement Proposal is a document explaining the latest key features of Python introduced and standard practices recommended for Python. The latest PEP document is the PEP 693 released in May 2022.

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