Sheep, Wool, Wolves, and Footwear

In a remarkable collaboration, Wilding Shoes, a German company with a rich history of production, has partnered with Rewilding Portugal to create the Perto shoe.

This unique product not only offers style and comfort but also promotes positive coexistence between locals and the Iberian wolf.

More Than Just a Shoe

The Perto shoe is not your typical footwear. It’s a symbol of harmony between human communities and Iberian wolf populations. Crafted using locally sourced wool from the Côa Valley, the shoes are a testament to sustainable production and responsible living.

Sustainable Farming Practices

Since 2020, Rewilding Portugal has been working closely with livestock producers in the region south of the Douro River.

Their collaborative efforts have led to a range of measures aimed at reducing the risks of wolf attacks. These include management practices, the introduction of livestock guardian dogs, and the installation of specialized fences to deter predators.

Empowering Producers

With an emphasis on preventing wolf related damage to farms, the cost is borne by producers, impacting the sale of wool.

Perto’s production, however, adds value to the products of these producers, contributing to a more sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.

Supporting Conservation

Rewilding Portugal’s efforts are part of the LIFE WolFlux project, funded by the European Union and the Endangered Landscapes Programme.

It’s a collaborative initiative involving Rewilding Portugal, Rewilding Europe, the University of Aveiro, Zoo Logical, and the Transmumância e Natureza Association. Their shared objective is to create conditions for the coexistence of Iberian wolf populations south of the Douro River.

This innovative partnership between Wilding Shoes and Rewilding Portugal not only produces unique, stylish footwear but also contributes to the conservation of Iberian wolves and sustainable practices in the Côa Valley.

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