SSENSEXX Unveils Exclusive New Balance 1906R Collaboration

Fresh from the success of their acclaimed Salomon XT 6 Gore Tex collaboration, SSENSE unveils the next chapter in the SSENSEXX saga a rendezvous with the sophisticated New Balance 1906R. As the Canadian retailer takes the lead in New Balance’s collaborative ventures, the 1906R undergoes a transformative makeover, promising an elegant fusion of style and functionality.

New Balance 1906R Gets A Chic Upgrade

At the forefront of New Balance’s collaborative endeavors, the 1906R receives a refined touch in the hands of SSENSE. Dark brown toe caps and heel cages harmoniously align with the interior, creating a seamless blend of sophistication. The cream base mesh serves as a canvas for an anodized bronze finished overlay, elevating the aesthetic to new heights.

Neon Green Sparks Sporty Contrast

Adding a vibrant twist, a punchy light neon green floods the midsole, injecting a sporty contrast to the ensemble. Every detail is meticulously curated, right down to the lace tips that echo the dynamic neon hue. This collaboration showcases SSENSE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sneaker design and redefining the intersection of fashion and functionality.

20 Years Of Style Innovation

Celebrating its 20th Anniversary through the SSENSEXX campaign, the retailer promises more collaborations with industry leading brands in the coming weeks. This partnership with New Balance marks a pivotal moment in this celebration of two decades of style innovation.

Save The Date Exclusive Drop On October 24th

Save The Date Exclusive Drop On October 24th

As anticipation builds, mark your calendars for October 24th, when the SSENSE x New Balance 1906R is set to make its exclusive debut through the dedicated microsite. This limited release is not just a sneaker drop, it’s a testament to the evolving narrative of style and collaboration that defines the essence of SSENSE.

In Summary

the SSENSEXX journey with New Balance 1906R is a testament to SSENSE’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of sneaker design. As the microsite countdown begins, brace yourself for an exquisite fusion of elegance and sportiness on October 24th.

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