Wiltshire Innovator Crafts Stylish Footwear from Motorsport Tires

In the heart of Wiltshire, a 25 year old entrepreneur is making a difference in the fashion industry. Let’s dive into the story of Alex Witty, the brains behind Compound Footwear, a company that’s changing the game.

A Unique Start During the Pandemic

Alex, a student of Sustainable Product Design at the University of Brighton, embarked on this incredible journey during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic lockdown. It all began in his bedroom, which he transformed into a makeshift workshop.

The Problem A Mountain of Waste

Wiltshire Innovator Crafts Stylish Footwear from Motorsport Tires

Fast fashion and motorsport industries have been generating a colossal amount of waste, with 22 billion shoes ending up in landfills and a billion tires discarded every year. Compound Footwear set out to address this issue.

From Waste to Sneakers

What’s so special about Compound Footwear? They’re crafting stylish sneakers from materials that would otherwise go to waste, including motorsport tires, eco leather, and recycled materials. These sneakers offer a unique, recyclable solution to environmental pollution.

Turning Motorsport Tires into Soles

Wiltshire Innovator Crafts Stylish Footwear from Motorsport Tires

Through a patented process, Compound Footwear combines used race tire rubber with recycled natural rubber to create the soles of their sneakers. The uppers are made from waste leather, with a recycled polyester lining and laces. What’s even better? When these sneakers reach the end of their life, they can be recycled into 100% reusable raw materials to create new shoes and products.

A Global Journey of Innovation

Alex’s journey has taken him to various corners of the world, including Bahrain, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Portugal, where he learned from industry experts and explored innovative techniques.

Kickstarting a Sustainable Revolution

To bring this revolutionary footwear to the masses, Compound Footwear is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday, October 24. They aim to raise £25,000 for their initial orders, offering early supporters exclusive, limited edition sneakers and clothing at special early bird prices.

A Sustainable Push in Motorsport

Wiltshire Innovator Crafts Stylish Footwear from Motorsport Tires

Compound Footwear’s launch aligns with a growing sustainability movement in the motorsport industry, particularly in Formula 1. The commitment to achieving Net Zero Carbon status by 2030 is a testament to the positive changes happening in this field.

Backed by Supporters and Innovators

The innovative approach of Compound Footwear has gained significant support from the motorsport community and financial backing from notable organizations like Innovate UK, Santander, and Verizon.

In Conclusion

Compound Footwear is not just a shoe company; it’s a step towards a cleaner, greener future. Their mission is to reduce the use of virgin fossil fuels, make sneakers more recyclable, and incorporate sustainable, recycled materials. Join them in their journey to make a positive impact on the environment and the fashion industry.

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