World Shoe Goes Green Eco Friendly Footwear Factory Now in Ghana

World Shoe is making waves with its groundbreaking approach to footwear production. The company’s eco friendly, antimicrobial shoes are set to change the game. Here’s what you need to know.

African Innovation for the World

World Shoe has unveiled its inaugural factory in Africa, marking a significant milestone in the footwear industry. The factory will produce the first ever antimicrobial and eco friendly footwear brand made on the continent.

A Collaborative Effort

This achievement is a result of collaboration between public, private, and civil service sectors. Their aim is to provide top notch, affordable footwear for consumers across Africa and beyond. These shoes not only prevent injuries but also prioritize hygiene and protect against debilitating diseases.

Footwear for a Healthier World

World Shoe’s products are more than just shoes; they are part of a broader healthcare initiative. These versatile shoes offer comfort and breathability across various climates and conditions. They are crafted from durable EVA foam and infused with antimicrobial and biodegradable agents, making them eco friendly.

Supporting Public Health and the Environment

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World Shoe, in partnership with social service organizations, will aid governments, charities, and health agencies in promoting public hygiene, vaccine distribution, and responding to humanitarian crises. This holistic approach contributes to public health and minimizes the environmental footprint of the footwear industry.

A Vision for Positive Change

The President and Co owner of World Shoe Limited in Ghana, Kojo Taylor, emphasizes the transformative power of this initiative. He believes it can drive African development and create global change by providing affordable, high quality, eco friendly shoes while protecting the environment.

A Model for Economic Investment

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The factory launch aligns with Ghana’s commitment to economic development and its global health partnership. It serves as a blueprint for job creation and advancing public health goals while strengthening the local economy.

Inspired by Experience

World Shoe’s vision is inspired by Manny Ohonme, a philanthropist with a personal mission to make a difference. Growing up in Nigeria, he understands the transformative power of shoes in people’s lives. World Shoe aims to deliver lasting positive change worldwide.

A Global Brand with a Social Mission

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World Shoe plans to offer its products in North America, Europe, and other regions at an accessible price point. This strategy allows the organization to scale its social enterprise and humanitarian efforts, creating a brand that stands for social good.

World Shoe’s Remarkable Journey

  • With orders for 1.5 million pairs of shoes already in place, World Shoe has become one of the top 20 social enterprises globally. This remarkable journey has the potential to revolutionize how we achieve greater health and economic equity.

In a world where every step counts, World Shoe is taking strides to make a positive impact. Stay tuned for more updates on this inspiring initiative.

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