Jeff Staple Unveils Exciting News New Store Opening & Shoe Collaboration Teaser.

In a career filled with collaborations, Jeff Staple adds Wilson to his extensive list. This time, it’s a basketball transformation, blending Staple’s unique style with Wilson’s iconic sports legacy.

The recently unveiled “Made to Win” collection features two basketballs and an acrylic ball stand, reimagined by Staple through the lens of women’s and men’s basketball. The release event at Wilson’s flagship store in NYC marked another milestone in Staple’s journey, hinting at more exciting projects to come.

Staple x Wilson Basketball Collaboration

Staple x Wilson Basketball Collaboration

Jeff Staple reflects on the collaboration, ranking it among his top 10 ideas out of 798. The Staple x Wilson basketballs, now available on and, represent a unique blend of street culture and sports legacy.

What Lies Ahead Staple’s Vision for 2024

What Lies Ahead Staple's Vision for 2024

As Staple continues his prolific career, he shares insights into upcoming projects. Alongside footwear collaborations, a Puma project reflecting his Asian American heritage, and an award winning partnership, he reveals plans for the first standalone Staple flagship store in NYC, set to open in Q1 2024. A space that transcends retail, the store will serve as a living museum of Staple’s quarter century history.

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