Puma Unleashes The Toxic Vibe LaMelo Ball’s MB.03 Basketball Shoe.

Puma unveils the MB.03 “Toxic,” merging style and performance for NBA star LaMelo Ball. This cosmic inspired shoe embodies Ball’s unique ‘Not From Here’ style with psychedelic colors, bold graphics, and alien themed tattoos.

Extraterrestrial Aesthetics

Inspired by Ball’s belief in being from another world, the “Toxic” colorway radiates with bold hues of purple, pink, and green. The design showcases the fusion of cosmic elements, reflecting his otherworldly style and fearless approach on the court.

Symbolic Phrases and Details

Embedded with phrases like “Fear No One” and “1 of 1,” the MB.03 encapsulates Ball’s confidence and individuality. The alien tattoos on the shoe further echo his distinctive identity, creating a basketball shoe that goes beyond the ordinary, inviting wearers to embrace a ‘Toxic’ vibe like never before.

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