Naturalizer’s Voting Shoes Walk the Path of Change this Election Season

As the 2023 elections approach on November 7, Naturalizer is taking a step towards empowering women to exercise their collective power at the ballot box through a new campaign and a limited edition boot.

The Callie Power Boot

This empowering campaign centers around the Callie Power boot, designed based on one of Naturalizer’s best selling silhouettes. The boot features a compelling word filled print on the upper, spelling out attributes like Powerful, Outspoken, Unique, Strong, and more.

Priced at $200 and available on, a portion of the proceeds from the boot sales will support I Am a Voter, a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing civic participation, particularly among women.

Faces of Empowerment

Voting Shoes

To amplify the boot’s message, Naturalizer has introduced a new iteration of its fall campaign series featuring entrepreneurs and activists, including Khrystyana, Lauren Chan, and Nana Agyemang. Each of them models the Callie Power boot, accompanied by a quote about their own power word.

A History of Empowerment

Naturalizer has a rich history of engaging in get out the vote efforts. In 2020, the brand collaborated with Rebecca Lee Funk, founder of the activist network The Outrage, to create a version of the Callie Boot and donated proceeds to support female political candidates.

The Legacy of Empowering Women

Voting Shoes Walk the Path of Change this Election Season

Naturalizer’s commitment to supporting and emboldening women has deep roots. The brand was founded in 1927 and played a pioneering role in creating shoes specifically for women. This mission to put women first is evident in their approach to creating not just shoes but also a platform for women to stand strong, echoing through nearly a century of history.

Empowering Women, Making History

Naturalizer’s legacy and authenticity in empowering women continue to be relevant today, nearly a century after its inception. The brand’s focus is unwavering: it begins with the shoe, extends to the woman herself, and ultimately empowers all women.

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