Nike and RTFKT’s Rare What The Air Force 1 Just 40 Pairs

Earlier this year, Nike and RTFKT collaborated to create 10 pairs of Air Force 1 Lows as NFTs that could be exchanged for their physical counterparts. Now, a special reward has been revealed for those who collected all 10 colorways from this unique collection.

The What The Edition

RTFKT announced on its Instagram that it gifted a select group of 40 individuals a special Air Force 1 Low edition. This ‘What The’ edition features a captivating blend of details from all 10 of the April released AF1s, including two Takashi Murakami designs. The result is a striking mix of colors and prints.

A Rich What The Legacy

Nike and RTFKT

Nike has a history of ‘What The’ sneakers, starting with the SB Dunk Low in 2007. These mash up sneakers have become highly coveted in the resale market, often fetching $10,000 or more in recent years.

RTFKT’s Digital Influence

RTFKT made a name for itself with digital sneakers during the NFT boom in 2020 and was acquired by Nike in late 2021. This month, they released three versions of their Dunk Genesis sneakers exclusively for NFT holders from April 2022.

The NFT Connection

Nike and RTFKT

While NFTs have faced skepticism, the combination of digital tokens with limited edition sneakers from Nike and RTFKT offers a unique path forward. The success of this approach hinges on the desirability of the accompanying sneakers, proving the enduring appeal of the NFT concept.

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