5 Best Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet (Nov Updated) 2023

Going hiking but don’t have the best hiking shoes for flat feet? If yes then here is the solution. Hiking is enjoyable, especially when you go with friends or family. When you have the proper hiking equipment, hiking becomes more enjoyable. When making an outdoor trip, it is always important to wear hiking gear since it will protect you from harm in the event of an accident.

While traveling on adventures in the outdoors, hiking boots are one item you should never leave home without. You shouldn’t walk in regular shoes since they could not provide enough foot support, especially while climbing hills and mountains.

Have you ever experienced discomfort while hiking due to subpar or inexpensive footwear? Hiking boots sufficiently support the foot and ankle. While you walk, they watch to make sure your ankle doesn’t twist. Also, they will shield your foot from wounds and blisters.

List of Best Hiking Shoes For Flat Feet

List best hiking shoes for flat feetPrice
Xcursion by Xero shoesCheck Price
Skechers Men’s Pelmo BootsCheck Price
Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge ShoesCheck Price
Salomon Leather Men BootsCheck Price
Merrell Moab 2 Hiking ShoesCheck Price

You will be familiar with the best hiking shoes for flat feet and their attributes by the conclusion of this article. Let’s go sailing without further ado:

1. Xcursion by Xero shoes

Xcursion by Xero shoes

The adaptability of this best hiking shoes for flat feet makes it one of the most well-liked options for flat feet! It’s an incredible product with top-notch features.

With great attention to detail and remarkable foot flexibility, Xcursion was created. The fabric can be easily adjusted and is made to easily absorb ground feedback. You’ll be able to hike for longer without a doubt!

With years of expertise and many satisfied clients in the US and throughout the world, XERO SHOES is a great brand of hiking shoes.


  • Lightweight footwear
  • Anatomical waterproof design
  • both men and women may use
  • Flat-footed hikers should choose this, it’s perfect!

2. Skechers Men’s Pelmo Boots

Skechers Men's Pelmo Boots for hiking

The Pelmo boots offer a distinctive style with a relaxed foot. For males who like to go trekking, these boots are perfect. Due to its waterproofing capabilities, this boot may be worn on any surface but is most commonly used in muddy and damp conditions.

It is a suede boot with mesh construction that is laced up at the ankle for comfort. A sturdy foam insole is also included. The shock-absorbing midsole of the Men’s Pelmo boot from Skechers increases your safety.

The boots are available in many sizes, making them suitable for a wide range of users. The boot is useful for climbing slopes and hills because of its 11/2-inch heel. A flexible outsole with excellent grip is another feature of the Pelmo boot.


  • They’re watertight.
  • come in different sizes
  • They offer a loose fit and a plush fabric boot interior.
  • There are many different hues available. 

Only one loophole, that they are unsuitable for youngsters.

3. Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Shoes

Columbia Women's Newton Ridge Shoes

The Columbia boot is a traditional kind of footwear that is mostly made for ladies. It features a fashionable appearance that was influenced by old climbing boots. They come in suede. These specific boots are good for trekking since they are lightweight.

The exterior soles of Columbia women’s boots are made of sticky rubber. With the help of the outside soles, you may walk safely over roots, grass, gravel, and pebbles. During trekking, these boots give you comfort. They work well in challenging terrain.

The outside of this specific boot is constructed of suede. Moreover, there is a hint of leather mixed with mesh. In addition to rubber, which is utilized to construct the outside sole, the midsole is made of Techlite material.


  • Does have a rubber outer sole to improve traction on different surfaces.
  • Does have a large selection of sizes, and they are waterproof.
  • All of these are modest boots.
  • They provide more comfort

4. Salomon Leather Men Boots

Salomon Leather Men Boots

These best hiking shoes for flat feet are yet another variety. Boots have been made using high-quality leather. The boots often have a classic appearance. Salmon boots are quite durable, unlike other boots.

The Sensifit technology in the boots guarantees a flawless fit for the shoe on your foot. Your are comfortable while wearing the shoes is guaranteed by the heel strap that is attached to the boots.

The boots’ breathable function is an extra bonus to the comfort they provide. The waterproof nature of the salmon men’s boots makes them perfect for wet or muddy terrains. Salmon boots come in a range of sizes to fit every man’s foot.

Salmon boots have outside rubber soles, which improve traction on varied surfaces. A chassis underneath these shoes improves motion control and adds stability. The boots feature a long, nimble stride.

Typically, they have laces. EVA is used to make the midsole of the shoe. Waterproof split suede is used for the boot’s upper, along with stretch air mesh. One pair weighs about two pounds.


  • They’re watertight.
  • There are many sizes offered.
  • It has a rubber sole on the outside to improve traction.
  • The boots are quite durable.

5. Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes

Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Shoes

The Merrell Moab 2 shoe may appear to be a standard shoe, but it offers much more. A minimalist hiking shoe, the Merrell Moab 2 is primarily made for hikers who enjoy going on hikes without wearing boots. This shoe performs really well.

It has a mesh inner made of breathable material and leather and mesh uppers with rubber tips. These shoes’ superiority is increased by the use of premium suede by the producer. How about the nylon that was molded? Having the shoe on improves your stability.

With an air cushion attached to the heels, the Merrell shoe reduces shock. The Eva midsoles fulfill people who want the highest level of comfort.


  • They are thin.
  • The footwear deflects shock.
  • equipped with foam tongues that prevent moisture from entering the shoe. 

The only limitation is that the shoe sizes are limited.


While hiking or even going on an expedition, hiking shoes are essential. Hiking shoes, as opposed to conventional shoes, offer improved stability and grip, making them perfect for challenging terrain. When you wear hiking boots, comfort is also guaranteed.

Due to the insulation they provide, certain hiking boots may also be worn in the winter. These best hiking shoes for flat feet have a far too high level of durability. Take hiking shoes with you the next time you go hiking, and you will have a wonderful time.

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